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Thrusters (HYDRO) Maximize

Thrusters (HYDRO)

HYDRO GALVI a.c. Thrusters

Electric a.c. motor - IP 65 - Class F

Suitable for ambient temperature from -20°C to +55°C

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Standard features:

  • Chromed stainless steel piston rod
  • Suitable for ambient temperature from -20°C to +55°C
  • Electric a.c. motor, 220/380V.- 50Hz or 230/400V.- 50Hz or 240/415V. - 50Hz, IP65, Classe F, star connected,
  • - Oil type HLP32, DIN 51525 from HYD.023/05 to HYD.081/06
     - Oil type HL10, DIN51524, part.3 from HYD.121/06 to HYD.301/06,
  • Self lubricating bushes for lower pin,
  • Galvanized hinge for upper pin,
  • Galvanized screw cap for oil fill and oil drain,
  • Aluminium Motor Housing, Reservoir, and Terminal Box Cover,
  • Epoxy antisalt paint final colour GREY RAL 7001,
  • Foot can be unscrewed and turned 90 degrees for models 121, 201 and 301. 

Available optional items:

  • Special a.c. electric motor for any Voltage, 50 or 60Hz,
  • (LO) Lowering valve,
  • (LI) Lifting valve,
  • (IS) Internal Springs,
  • (VIT) VITON seals,
  • Open/closed position mechanical and inductive limit switches...