Nos valeurs

  • European quality
  • Constant improvement of our products
  • In tune with our customer's demands

GALVI NEWCOMEN, Italian company, has been manufacturing Shoe Brakes, Disc Brakes and their accessories since 1962. These are safety components typically used in cranes, winches and different kinds of machines and plants used in steel industry, ports, shipbuilding, mining, waste management... Passion, steadfastness and seriousness are the values that, along with the will to always meet the customers' new demands, contributed to the development of GALVI's experience, now recognized in the Industrial Braking World.

MecVel srl is an Italian company which produces mechanical components in the linear movement field since the 80’s: actuators and screw jacks. MecVel offers highly customizable products for industrial and medical sectors thanks to its wide range and production flexibility. Commitment for MecVel Quality and hard work of research department allow continual improvement of its products.


Established in 1958, POGGI Trasmissioni Meccaniche S.p.A. has been specializing, since 1968, in the manufacture of pulleys, right angle gearboxes and other transmission parts. Constant investments in research and development and a continuous modernization of machine-tools for top efficiency, allow POGGI Trasmissioni Meccaniche S.p.A. to optimize more and more the manufacturing processes, ensuring the upkeep of the highest quality standards in this branch of industry.